Hoo'DaMan Biodegradable & Compostable Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Pods (10/PK)

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Fresh and convenient - the popularity of the coffee pod machine has skyrocketed in recent times, but not without a cost to the environment.

Hoo’DaMan has the solution!

We offer biodegradable & compostable Nespresso® compatible coffee pods for those who not only appreciate a decent coffee but also aspire to be environmentally conscious.

Our Biodegradable & Compostable Capsules are made from a patented plant-based composite that is manufactured entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet. This means, after usage the complete capsule including the foil can be thrown in your bin – guilt free!

Our coffee pods are Nespresso Compatible so you can use any Nespresso coffee machine to make that perfect cup of coffee!

Hoo’DaMan currently offers two delicious flavours, Intense and Venturous. With full bodied, robust flavours minus the bitter after taste, both will leave you wanting more.

Try one or try both!